Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Crown Jewels of France

As one of the most powerful countries in Europe and a court infamous for its style, it is hardly surprising that the House of Bourbon boasted quite a collection of jewels. These included individual precious stones, pieces of jewellery and entire sets. Sadly, some were stolen during the revolution and others were sold off; most are know either owned by the French state or form a part of private collections.

This post is divided into the actual jewels themselves and the styles of the Versailles-era. Click on the images below to learn more about the individual pieces.

The Royal Jewellery 

Billedresultat for crown louis xv
Crown of Louis XV
Relateret billede
Marie Antoinette's Earrings

Louis XIV's Garnet Brooch

The Crown Jewels

Billedresultat for bleu de france diamant
Le Bleu de France

The Regent

Jewellery Collections of the Royal Family & Court

Marie Josèphe de Saxe, Dauphine de France

Jewellery Styles

Jewellery of Versailles

Diamond Brooch of Louis XIV

Galleries of Jewellery


Portrait Jewels

Mesdames Tantes

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