Sunday, 15 October 2017

Portrait Gallery: Marie Adélaide of France

1749 by Jean-Marc Nattier
1750 by Nattier
From the studio of Nattier
Attributed to Anne Coster
1751 by Nattier
By Louise-Élisabeth Vigée
Le Brun
By Nattier
1763 by Drouais
Probably by Heinius
By Adelaide Labille-Guiard
By Périn Salbroux
1786-87 by Adelaide Labille-
By Heinius
1785 by Heinius
By Gisors
As Diana (1745) by Nattier
1756 by Jean-Marc Nattier
1780 by Anne Costner
By Maurice Quentin de
La Tour

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