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Artefacts of Marie Antoinette

pair of shoes, which belonged to French Queen Marie-Antoinette, as part of a sale of "Historic memories of Royal Families".:

Green and pink silk slippers which is one of the few surviving articles worn by the ill-fated Queen. They were sold by Drouet for 65.600 USD in 2012.

Fragment of Marie Antoinette's court dress' petticoat: 1780 Museum of London:

Piece of fabric which was once worn as a petticoat by Marie Antoinette as a part of a court dress, 1780.

This arm chair once belonged to Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette's monogram (MA) is engraved at the top of the chair. It is unknown which of Marie Antoinette's palaces this chair came from, though it greatly resembles those from Saint-Cloud. It is currently held at the Victoria and Albert Museum:

Lovely violet chair (which happens to be one of her favourite colours) which is believed to have been made for her apartment at Saint-Cloud. The chair is adorned with her personal monogram "MA" at the top of the chair.

Marie Antoinette’s court dress bodice ca. 1780-87:

Court bodice of Marie Antoinette; this would have been worn over the tight-laced corset which was demanded of a full court dress. The bodice is believed to be from 1780-87

perfume burner (1774-5), acquired by Marie-Antoinette in 1782 (c) the Wallace Collection):

Perfume burner which was purchased by Marie Antoinette in 1782

Louis XVI's gift to Marie Antoinette:

Hair aigrette of diamonds and a couple of sapphires. Louis XVI gave this as a gift to Marie Antoinette with the plea that she would not spend money on purchasing new diamonds. The diamonds had been Louis XVI's since he had been a Dauphin. Marie Antoinette is said to have absolutely loved it and did not think she needed to add further to her jewellery collection.

The key that opens Marie Antoinette's private cabinet.  Oh, but to hold it in my hand!:

Key used to open the Queen's private cabinet; it has been engraved with the iconic MA

A harpe that used to belong to Marie Antoinette:

Marie Antoinette was an ardent music lover and the harp was one of her favourite instruments. This was her personal instrument which was usually to be found in her Golden Cabinet.

Jetons from the Household of Marie Antoinette:

Jetons from the household of Marie Antoinette bearing her coat-of-arms. Used for gambling sessions.

Made for Marie Antoinette's gaming salon at Compiègne, 1786:

These tabourets were made for the Queen's gaming salon at Compiègne, 1786. Only duchesses had the right to be seated on one in the Queen's presence.

Small chest bearing the arms of Marie Antoinette as Dauphine:

Small chest bearing the arms of Marie Antoinette when she was Dauphine of France.

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