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Artefacts of Madame Élisabeth

Tea at Trianon: Madame Elisabeth's Wardrobe Book:

Madame Élisabeth's wardrobe book from 1792. At this point she would be imprisoned with the royal family.

Chairs made for Madame Élisabeth by Jean-Baptiste Boulard:

A pair of chairs made for the Princesse by Jean-Baptiste Boulard

Lace worn by Madame Elisabeth, the sister of Louis XVI. It was given to the Bishop Dupanloup in the 19th century by the only surviving child of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the duchesse d’Angouleme.          http://​teaattrianon.blogspot.com/2012/​02/bishops-alb.html:

Lace worn by Madame Élisabeth. It was given to Bishop Dupanloup by the Marie Thérèse (daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette) after Élisabeth's death.

Two volumes of “Letters of Pliny the Younger,” bound with the arms of Madame Elisabeth of France:

Copies of "Letter of Pliny the Younger" bound with the arms of Princesse Élisabeth

Commode made for the bathroom of Madame Élisabeth:

Small commode made for Madame Élisabeth's bathroom

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