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Artefacts of Louis XIV

Here is a clock that was made for Louis XIV, attributed to Andre Charles Boulle, circa 1710. This can be found at Sotheby's (a fine art auction). It is said that Boulles pieces can be worth up to 2 million dollars!:

Clock made for Louis XIV by André-Charles Boulle from 1710; the dial is signed Jean Baptiste Baillon

Stirrups belonging to Louis XIV, 17th C:

Golden stirrups belonging to Louis XIV (alleged)

This desk, with a folding top that opens to reveal a small writing surface, is one of the few surviving pieces commissioned for Louis XIV's personal use. It was one of a pair intended for the king's petit cabinet, a small private room in the north wing of Versailles. The decoration on the top incorporates such royal symbols as the crown, the crossed L monogram, and the mask of Apollo, the sun god to whom Louis XIV likened himself. The four corners display openwork fleurs-de-lis, ...:

Made for Louis XIV's petit cabinet and was intended to be for the King's personal use, 1685

This book, published in Paris, 1658, is a volume originally written by Julius Caesar describing his military campaigns. This is the 3rd French edition, revised and corrected. Because it bears the royal arms of King Louis XIV, it either belonged to the King and is therefore from the royal library, or was a presentation volume given by the King to a courtier.:

Louis XIV's personal copy of the military exploits of Julius Cesar. Bearing the King's personal coat-of-arms it was either from his library or a gift from a courtier; published 1658

Letter from Louis XIV to the Prince de Condé, 16 May 1643:

Letter from Louis XIV to the Grand Condé, 16 May 1643

Pocket watch from 1645-48 which is believed to have been made for the young King; a portrait of Louis XIV himself on enamelled gold

Personal gauntlets of Louis XIV

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