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Artefacts of Marie Leszczynska

Violin that belonged to Marie Leszczynska, Queen of France (1703-1768):

Violin belonging to Marie Leszczynska

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A game purse of red velvet adorned with the Queen's coat-of-arms and embroideries. Game purses were used to contain jetons for gambling.

This commode,made for the private cabinet of Maria Leczinska (1703-1768) at the chateau du Fontainebleau and delivered in 1737. It is the first such piece of lacquered furniture known to have been acquired by the French crown. Oak frame, fruitwood (cherry wood) veneer, Japanese lacquer, Vernis Martin; guilded bronze, Anpewter (or Sarrancoln) marble:

Beautiful black lacquer commode made for the private cabinet of Marie Leszczynska at Fontainebleau. According to the Louvre this is the first piece of the Japanese lacquer style which would become very popular at court.

Jeton_de_la_reine_Marie_Leszczynska.jpg (1200×578):

Jeton from the Queen's household, 1739

Nécessaire belonging to Marie Leczinska, Queen of France, 1729-1730, France, presented to her by the King, Louis XV on the occasion of the birth of the Dauphin. Japanese Porcelain and gilded silver. Consisting of a chocolatière (chocolate maker), a whisk, a large chocolate spoon, a mill, boxes, a strainer, a funnel, a bell, a cream jug, sugar tongs, teaspoons, a candlestick, a sugar bowl, a teapot, cups, cups and saucers. Paris, musée du Louvre.:

A necessaire for tea, coffee and hot chocolate making which were a gift from Louis XV to Marie Leszczynska after the birth of their son. It includes a tea pot, a coffee grinder, sugar tongs, porcelain cups, milk decanter and the like.

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