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Artefacts of Louis XVI

Wallet belonging to Louis XVI, used for secret correspondence with secret agent Beaumarchais. Red morocco leather, gilt shackled foliage; inside covered with green silk. Combination lock in white and pink gold, composed of six circular dials engraved with letters. To open, align the letters "A - L - O - U - I - S" from the center. Beaumarchais oversaw covert supply of arms and financial assistance before France's formal entry into the American War of Independence in 1778.:
Wallet of red Moroccan leather which belonged to Louis XVI; the King used it for his secret correspondence with M. de Beaumarchais. The inside is lined with green velvet while the outside has been embroidered with golden thread. The wallet is closed with a lock of while and rose gold which could only be opened if the letters "A L-O-U-I-S" (French for "to Louis") were aligned. Beaumarchais was Louis' secret agent concerning the American War of Independence around 1778.

razor used by Louis XVI in the Temple Prison:

Razor used by Louis XVI while imprisoned in the Temple during the revolution

An ice bowl, part of a Sèvres porcelain dinner service commissioned by Louis XVI in 1783. Only about half of the service was finished when the king was executed in January of 1793.Royal Collection © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

Ice pail from the set of Sèvres-porcelain commissioned by Louis XVI in the latter 1780's. The set only half finished when the King was executed in 1793.

This amazing globe supported by Atlas - made from bronze - was made for Louis XVI's library at Versailles.
It came with both a geographical globe and a celestial globe - to the right is depicted the geographical globe but both still exists.

For Louis XVI's library at Compiègne:

Chair made for Louis XVI's private library at Compiègne

Golden candelabras designed for Louis XVI's wardrobe at Versailles in 1788

Two chairs from the dining room of Louis XVI at Fontainebleau. The chairs were made by Sené Jean-Baptiste-Claude.

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