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Artefacts of the Comte & Comtesse d'Artois

Porcelain delivered to the Comte d'Artois on 6 August 1782 which consisted of 79 pieces at a price of little more than 16.000 livres:

Set of porcelain delivered on 6 August 1782 to the Comte d'Artois at Versailles. It consisted of 79 pieces in total.

Jeton belonging to Charles-Philippe, Comte d'Artois:

Jeton belonging to the Comte d'Artois

An ewer and basin manufactured for the comte d’Artois, circa 1780 - 1785:

Ewer and basin made for the Comte d'Artois, 1780-85

Hunting riffle of the Comte d'Artois, 1775:

Hunting rifle of the Comte d'Artois, 1775

Pendule clock, 1785, by Jean-Baptiste Lepaute for the Comte d'Artois:

Pendulum clock made by Jean-Baptiste Lepaute for the Comte d'Artois, 1785 

Small tables. Jean-Henri Riesener (1734-1806, Master in 1768), Paris, Louis XVI period, between 1786 and 1788. This table created by Jean-Henri Riesener to Marie-Thérèse de Savoie, comtesse d’Artois for the pavillon de Saint-Cloud.:

Jean-Henri Riesener made this table for the Comtesse d'Artois who put it in her pavilion at Saint-Cloud, 1786-88.

Tabouret of the Comtesse d'Artois' bedroom at Versailles, this was from the winter set of furniture:

Tabouret made for the bedroom of the Comtesse d'Artois at Versailles. This particular tabouret was from the winter set of furniture and by the looks of it the Comtesse had some inspiration from her sister-in-law, Marie Antoinette.

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