Monday, 27 July 2015

House of Béthune

The House of Béthune was one of the oldest families and was founded by a younger brother of the Comte d'Artois in the 10th century.

The House divided into a good deal of branches; the most important ones being lead by the Duc de Sully (extinct in 1807), Duc de Charost (extinct in 1800), Duc d'Orval and Marquis de Chambris.
In 1757 the family received the coveted Honours of the Court which they kept until 1788.

While the family had little influence in France during the Ancien Regime, they did manage to get a good foothold in the Holy Roman Empire and produced several princes there. Other than that several Marshals of France and even a Cardinal came from this family.

In 1719 François Joseph de Béthune became a peer of France; an honour which was also extended to his son. Armand Louis François de Béthune was among those nobles who were murdered during the revolution and ended his life in 1794.


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