søndag den 11. januar 2015

Worn for War

1670s, Netherlands
1675, England
1750, English
1773, English
1780, British (Light Company Officer)
17th century
17th century, France
1676, artillery model given to Louis XIV by the Parlement of Franche-Comté
18th century, banner head
1726, officer's campaign set
1762, Russia, Colonel's uniform
Early 18th century, dragoon's pistol
Early 18th century, France
Artillery cartridge, France
Powder flask, France
1760, fuse pouch, Russia
1679, from the Gardes de la Marche
1690-1710, French officer or marshal
1680, German
Mid-18th century, Austria
Late 18th century, Italy
Late 18th century, France
Mid-17th century
1748, English navy
1748-58, English navy
1750s, Russian officer
Officer's hat, English
Officer's sword, France
17th century, Polish
Late 17th century, German (powder flask)
Powder flask, German
Royal horse guard, England
"Spider" helmet, France
1640, surcoat, English
1650-75, Switzerland
18th century, wheel lock, France

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