onsdag den 21. august 2013

Pink and Pleated

The movie "L'Autrichienne" is one of the lesser known films about Marie Antoinette. Ute Lemper wears this pink dress in the film. The dress is made mainly of pink silk in different shades. The bodice is trimmed with pleaded rose coloured satin with a mint green stripe of satin down the middle. Between the two sides of the bodice the corset can be seen - also pink and tied with bright pink strings. This show of the corset is very unlike the style Marie Antoinette would normally wear. The pleaded trim continues all the way down to the hem of the skirt. At the neckline white pleaded lace peeps out, adding to the volume. The sleeves seem to have been designed after the actual design. Pleading has also been used for the centre part of the sleeves right before the waterfall of white lace. Notice that even the ribbon with the bow on it has been pleaded!

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  1. just wanted to let you know, it's "PLEATed", not "pleaded".

    pleat = a fold in fabric.
    plead = to beg, to implore.