søndag den 5. maj 2013

Soft Purple and Gold

Gabriel Dufay wears this attire as Louis XVI in "Louis XVI: l'Homme qui ne voulait pas être roi" (Louis XVI: the man who would not be King). The coat is of a soft, delicate purple adorned with large golden embroideries - notice that the embroideries continue up on the collar and on the sleeve's edge.The waist-coat beneath is cream-coloured but has also been embroidered in the same golden style as the coat itself. The buttons are bronze which is the darkest colour used in this costume. Once again, the King is wearing the large diamond order (it has featured in many other films). The trousers are remarkably enough not of the same purple as the coat - which was standard at the time - but of a more golden beige. Then there is the obligatory white laces; pure white for the sleeves and the neck.
It would seem that the coat has not been lined with a different colour; instead it takes on the shade of a simple white.

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