torsdag den 2. maj 2013

Chocolate for the Court

The first time chocolate appeared at the French court was at the wedding of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria - until then the court had never even heard of it. At first chocolate was only consumed as a drink; during the reign of Louis XIV it became a favourite with the courtiers. The Sun King's wife - Marie Thérèse of Spain - had a love for chocolate and her entourage was quick to catch on. Louis XIV contacted the very first chocolate manufacturer in France, David Chaillou, and granted him a monopole on selling chocolate drinks.
Louis XV was very fond of chocolate - he would even prepare his own chocolate in his private apartments. Both Madame de Pompadour and Madame du Bary loved chocolate; especially when it became known that it was an aphrodisiac.

The court's love of chocolate continued when Louis XVI ascended the throne. Marie Antoinette adored chocolate and when she arrived at court, she brought her own chocolate manufacturer with her. Every morning the Dauphine would drink hot chocolate with amber and vanilla.
At first it chocolate was only accessible to the nobility but over time the delicious treat spread to the rest of the social classes.

Courtiers enjoying hot chocolate

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