tirsdag den 19. marts 2013

A Black Coat for the King

This is from the movie "Versailles: Le Rêve d'un Roi" (Versailles: the Dream of a King) starring Samuel Theis as Louis XIV. This particular set is the one he wears on the cover of the film disc.
The coat is made of black fabric (I am not quite sure what it is) but it has a damask pattern in dark grey colours. The huge, laced scarf around his neck was very popular during his reign - the same lace appears at the sleeves that emerge from the sleeves of the coat.
The hat is trimmed with black and dark blue feathers.
What appears to be an order hangs on the left side of the coat. It consists of "diamonds" (well, it would have if it were his) and is shaped like a cross connected by a curved strings. The middle holds a very large pearl.
He has a wide golden ribbon across his chest and from what can be seen, it looks as if he is wearing a black vest.

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